The Weekend

The directorial debut in film for Alan Brady, an established and talented playwrite and theatre director, is for none other than Katy's next short film, 'The Weekend'.

Once again, Katy stars with friend and peer, Paul Gilmour... only this time, it's a much more intimate affair.

'The Weekend' is about two childhood sweethearts, Darren and Rachel, who are now into their twenties but have been together since the age of thirteen. Since they are no longer teenagers, a lot of things are changing for them... and about them.
In an attempt to salvage any flame that may be left and spark some embers, Darren whisks Rachel off for a weekend away.

They do find some answers... but are they the answers they were looking for?

Stay tuned for more updates on this short filmwhich is scheduled to start filming at the end of March 2019.

Coming soon!