After filming in the A Listed building for the Boundless Part II trailer, Katy had always wanted to return to do something completely different... and she got her chance.

The ancient mansion inspired her to write psychological thriller short film, 'Squatter', and it was filmed in the beautiful Bannockburn House of Stirling, Scotland in September 2018.

This was a great film for many other reasons rather than just the location however. Actress Isela Hamilton, whom Katy met on a student film 'Equinox', had the joy of having her directorial debut being this very film. Not only was Katy reunited with Isela, she was also reunited with Lee Kirk, her fellow cast mate in the short film 'Footprint Of A Scream', and had the pleasure of 'Squatter' being her first time working with the wonderful Paul Gilmour. The four of them had a blast for the two days that filming took place, and as the film makes its' way through post-production, a release date is set to be some time early 2019!

'Squatter' is about a small business called "Haunted, Unhaunted", which is made up of three paranormal investigators: Stuart, Adele and Sandi. Having had reports that a mansion had a lot of activity, they arrive at the house ready for a normal investigation to be undertaken.
There definitely is a presence in the house... but, it's not the kind that they're used to.
Will they figure it out in time?

Stay tuned for more updates on this short film. Coming Soon!

You can find the production on IMDb by clicking here!