Retail Therapy

Retail Therapy is a very straight forward short comedy drama. One scene. One room. Four characters... One actress.

Having worked in retail for ten years and both seen and heard how the public could be, Katy decided to write something to highlight how those that work with the public can sometimes be treated. The mishaps, the mistakes, the misunderstandings, the mischief... all of it.

Four young folks in their twenties are room mates who all work in retail. At the end of a very long day, they all start to arrive home after what appears to have been a rather turbulent day at work, and theraputically discuss it with the ones they know for sure will understand.

However, this simple, straight forward comedy drama is not so simple and straight forward, Written and produced by Katy, she also stars in the film... as all four characters.

Veronica, an punk rock loving Aussie girl. Abby, an American girl who's your typical girly girl. Sam, a very serious and well spoken Scottish girl from Glasgow. And Dean, an effeminately gay Scottish man who works in a bar - which the film clearly shows that has its' perks!

This film was shot through the last weekend in June of 2018 and has no scheduled release yet. However, as soon as it is complete and festival/competition ready... you'll find out here!

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