From the actor in the up and coming feature film Flux, as well as Kingdom: Fall of Illandrieal, comes an intense and striking new short film, Hidden Scars.

Even although this is Paul Gilmour's directorial debut, as well as the first script he's had produced, his professionalism shines through and then some as he takes his first steps into the world of directing, as well as acting in the film too!

Katy and Paul met long before they ever worked together, but their first time co-starring in something alongside one another was in none other than Blue Cloth Productions latest short film, Squatter. It was on the grounds of the 17th Century mansion where this film was shot that Paul informed Katy of a film he was working on, and asked her to play the lead role opposite him, to which, of course, she said yes.

The film began shooting at the beginning of November 2018, and is set to be an ever gripping story to be told as either a short film or a teaser for a potential pilot for a new series.

Hidden Scars tells the tale of a young woman, Kasey, who is inevitably caught up in a very complex situation after she is sought after by Adam, a man determined to get revenge when his wife and child are killed in a freak car accident.

Although Kasey didn't cause the accident, she was there with her fiancee, and they both survived... Adam, driven to a psychotic rage, didn't like that fact in the slightest.

Will they ever be able to find common ground and work together in the hunt for the real culprit? Is the person truly responsible really what they seem?

Strangers. Enemies. Allies. Hidden Scars... coming soon!Find out more on IMDb by clicking here now!