When sitting one night in 2017 pondering over another story she wanted to write, Katy knew that making this one a film, with her unknown name in the industry, was simply inconceivable.

She also knew that, unlike Boundless or any of the other short films that she's written and produced, that the money side of things would be a major factor to pull this kind of production off to an industry standard level.

Thus, with the plot line and characters tumbling around in her head persistently, Katy knew the only way to solve the issue was to write a book.

And write a book she did.

"Colour Coded: The Black Bullet"  was accepted by London publishing company,Austin Macauley Publishers in early January 2018. Eighteen very quick months later, Katy's first novel is scheduled for release on 30th August 2019 and is hopefully the first of a series of books!

Through Amazon, Waterstones, or directly through Austin Macauley Publishers, the book is now available for Pre-Order!

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Having a dark past, she left it all behind… At least she tried to.

When Bullet moved from Prismatic to Colour Coded, her previous boss, Neon, did everything in his power to win her back.

But, knowing the kind of man he was, she did not accept any of his pleas.

After his begging turns into threats, Bullet and the rest of Colour Coded are forced into a dangerous chess game as a means of not only protecting their own, but protecting their pasts.

In the end, a choice must be made...

What means more to her?

Her Colour Coded family? Or her gruesome history she has shielded for so many years?

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