In 2014, a six minute play was written about two twenty-something year old friends who lived together and suffered a horrific break in. Katy wrote this for herself and Kirsty to star in, and they wowed their audience with the comedy drama in the Glad Cafe, Glasgow in the summer of that year.

One month later, Katy adapted the play into a series, and thus, Boundless was born.

On November 30th 2014, Katy and Kirsty headed into pre-production, and were filming Episode One by March 2015. Filming was scattered throughout the year due to Katy and Kirsty working the filming schedule around their annual leave from the day jobs they both had.

By February 2016, Episode Six had been completed, and so, Boundless went into the editing stage.

Not only did Katy write Boundless, she also produced it with the assistance of Kirsty Peacock and Andy Kowalczyk, and starred as one of the lead females, Danielle McDonald, with Kirsty filling the shoes of the other lead, Julie Murray.

All artwork for Boundless was done by Katy, as well as website building and social media upkeep. During filming, Katy made sure everyone was given what money they were due, making sure receipts were given along with them, and kept on top of props, locations, and catering. Having the funds to do this meant that Katy worked two full time jobs - during the day in a supermarket, and during the night in a hotel. To say she has determination and a prowess when it comes to her career would be... well... correct.

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